Cloudwords powers better and faster global impact and engagement

Cloudwords is an end-to-end platform to manage your localization process, assets and stakeholders. Thanks to Cloudwords, it’s easier than ever to step out onto the global stage with the complete confidence that every translation project has been completed accurately and efficiently. Simply upload the content to be translated, select a vendor, accept a bid, and you’re on your way! Here’s a quick look at how all of this comes together:


All workflow and tasks associated with your internal team, translation service providers, and content is automated. By introducing this level of automation into every stage of your translation project, you can have a more immediate impact on the global marketplace while ensuring better accuracy, consistency and cost-effectiveness. All stakeholders can see the status of every project, and nothing is left to chance.


Using Cloudwords, you can seamlessly integrate your content from any source without having to resort to importing and exporting or copying and pasting. As a result, your translation projects require much less effort, are less error-prone and are delivered on time and on budget, every time.

Campaign Management:

Cloudwords Campaign Manager unifies your global marketing organization and provides you with a single lens into all your campaigns worldwide. You can now more effectively plan, localize, execute and track multi-system, multi-channel campaigns, programs and initiatives on a global scale.

Analytics and Reporting:

Cloudwords makes it easy to align translation with strategy by giving you unprecedented access to real-time data about your translation management process, spend, and translation memory ROI. Gaining visibility into your spending, efficiency, bids, project status, and nearly every other aspect of your translation projects can help uncover areas to improve internally, alignment with strategy, and much more.

Centralized Multilingual Assets:

Using Cloudwords, you can increase message consistency and protect your brand across all global markets with hosted translation memory, glossaries, and style guide. Making these multilingual assets available to all translation service providers and stakeholders increases translation consistency and ensures that you continue to reap the benefits of every dollar spent on translation projects.

Streamlined Review Capabilities:

Using Cloudwords, you can easily compare the original and the translated versions line-by-line, side-by-side and file-by-file. With just a single click, you can now instantly edit and comment within Cloudwords without having to switch into another interface or learn another system.