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Translation Automation Platform

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Translate any content

Cloudwords lets you translate anything faster and better. Marketing collateral, email campaigns, web content, product documentation, application strings, videos, or even legal documents - you name it, you can make it multilingual with ease. Simply choose the content you want translated and we'll make it happen.

Out of the box integrations

No more copy and paste, and other manual tasks. Automate your translation process end-to-end with our Web CMS, Marketing Automation, Digital Asset Management, and Source Control System integrations. Looking to build your own? Cloudwords provides best-in-class RESTful APIs.

Powerful vendor management

Work better with your existing translation agencies across different regions, while centralizing quoting, invoicing, and content sharing. Don't have a translation vendor? Cloudwords' vendor marketplace can help recommend one that best suits your needs.

Results-focused project management

Create translation projects and track progress with powerful dashboards. Unify dispersed teams by centralizing communication and collaboration, and receive automated alerts and notifications. With Cloudwords, everyone stays in sync and stays on track.

Automated workflow engine

No more management by long email chains. Define your own translation workflows, share your content, and Cloudwords will coordinate your team for you.

Global campaign management

Jointly plan and execute global, regional, and local campaigns more strategically and quickly across departments, business units, and geographies.

Easily review translations

Simplify the feedback process and communicate contextually with the most advanced review capabilities available. View source and translation side-by-side. Highlight and comment on text, request revisions, or edit directly.

Centralized translation memory and glossary

Get your content translated faster and realize significant cost-savings by unifying your translation memory. Maintain brand consistency across every market, department, and translation vendor with multilingual glossaries and style guides.

Real-time reports and analytics

Track spending, analyze process effiencies, and measure quality. Gain complete visibility into your process and optimize your key translation KPIs.

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