Full Stack

To Apply for this job, please email careers@cloudwords.com.


Cloudwords is seeking a Senior Software Engineer with practical experience designing and developing enterprise software that is both highly scalable and highly functional. As a critical member of the development team, this role will include the following:

  • Deliver new customer facing features and functionality to our core bidding platform, translation memory engine, project management application, and API and integrations platform
  • Work across the entire technology stack, from our big data cluster all the way to our cutting edge Javascript-based front end
  • Investigate scalability challenges around large volumes of both structured and unstructured data
  • Architect elegant solutions to complex problems and take ownership of key system architecture decisions

In short, we’re looking for well rounded developers who enjoy the challenge and sense of ownership that comes with working with an entire system.

Core Values

Specifically, Cloudwords is looking for candidates who share these qualities and values:

  • Feels passionate about software development, and craves shaping and delivering products from the ground up
  • Strives to be a key creator and leader in the development of emerging technology
  • Enjoys being a self-starter who takes initiative in solving hard problems while managing their own time
  • Appreciates lively discussions and debating technical issues
  • Is results oriented, who executes with quality and strives to deliver at or under deadlines


  • 5+ years of professional Java development
  • 5+ years of web-based programming
  • 5+ years of working with a relational database and SQL
  • Proven experience developing robust APIs and highly integrated solutions with diverse, complex systems
  • Deep experience with multi-threaded, concurrent programming
  • Experience developing enterprise business applications
  • Prefers “full-stack” software development instead of specific tier specialization
  • Experience designing and analyzing how hardware and software architecture is combined to deliver highly scalable solutions
  • Familiar and comfortable with Linux operating systems
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related Electronics/Engineering disciplines

Additional Skills

  • Experience with Dependency Injection frameworks, such as Spring
  • Front end UI skills (e.g. Javascript, JQuery, Ajax, CSS)
  • Experience with MongoDB