Quickly Localize Rich Media Assets

The need to quickly localize rich media assets such as those produced in InDesign or videos from platforms like Vidyard, ON24, and Brightcove to share on social media and YouTube, has become a crucial component of a global marketer’s strategy. However, for most global marketers without design or video editing skills, this has been a difficult and manual process -- until now.

Cloudwords makes it easy to review and edit translated text in InDesign page layouts within Cloudwords OneReview -- without the need to purchase or learn how to use Adobe InDesign software. 

Cloudwords also automates the process of transcribing and localizing closed captions and subtitles for a range of video file formats, so you can easily review and edit translated closed captions in videos.

Both features deliver significant time and cost savings to marketers who need to create and deliver rich media assets to global audiences in multiple languages.

Say Goodbye To Frustrating, Manual Processes

For Adobe InDesign

Cloudwords eliminates the frustrating and slow manual process of saving your InDesign documents as pdfs, such as flyers, brochures, presentations, and ebooks, in order to localize, review and edit them. With Cloudwords’ native integration to Adobe, the localization workflow is automated, and non-design professionals are able to easily review, edit and approve InDesign page layouts in Cloudwords OneReview.

For Video Closed Captions and Subtitles

Cloudwords’ automated workflows make it significantly easier and faster to transcribe and localize video closed captions. Once your source content is uploaded, you can either request transcription services or simply submit subtitles and closed caption files for localization. Once localization is complete, Cloudwords builds and delivers the new closed caption files. Post-translation reviewers can then see the video, select a closed caption, edit the translated text and caption timings, then preview the edited video in Cloudwords OneReview.

To learn more about Cloudwords’ Adobe InDesign and video transcription and closed caption editing capabilities