CA Technologies is a New York City based global provider of software systems that run in the mainframe, distributed computing systems, virtual machine and cloud computing environments. CA Technologies needed to simplify and streamline localization of marketing campaigns and accelerate delivery in 10 languages.



CA Technologies approach to localization was manual and time consuming.

The outdated approach presented several challenges:

  • A federated group of individuals working on a one-off basis on localizations
  • Inability to track translation spend
  • Inability to track and monitor projects across departments and with translation vendors
  • Issue with LSP quality and reliability


  • Overall ease of use and speed to launch campaigns
  • Seamless integration with Marketo and Adobe Experience Manager
  • Start to finish transparency on localization project management
  • Centralize communication and workflow with internal stakeholders and vendors on all localization projects
  • Ability to select vetted LSPs from Cloudwords network of translation service providers

How can Cloudwords Help?

CA Technologies


Enterprise Infrastructure Software



Adobe Experience Manager

“Our world before Cloudwords was managed chaos!”

Boris Kiperas, Senior Marketing Automation Analyst, CA Technologies