Unify and Streamline Your Localization Process

Get multi-language campaigns and assets in market faster with a  single, shared workflow for automating the entire localization process.


Localization Automation with the Final Asset in Mind

With the Cloudwords Localization Automation platform, you can unify global teams, processes and technology in a single, shared workflow without the clunky process of downloading and uploading assets. Translate all your campaign assets and content right from their original source and eliminate costly time and errors.

Coordinate Across Teams

Bring global marketers together under a shared process and workflow

Get Visibility Into the Translation Process

Know exactly where your localization process stands and get insight in cost and ROI

Integrate Seamlessly with Existing Tools & Vendors

Manage your translation projects with the destination in mind 


Cloudwords OneReview

Collaborate effortlessly with in-market colleagues around the world to ensure that your translated campaigns and content are on-brand and appropriate for regional variations.

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Localization automation is the next frontier of marketing innovation. By seamlessly integrating with translation vendors, marketing automation platforms and content management systems, Cloudwords takes the manual work out of getting marketing assets translated. The world's largest global companies use Cloudwords to remove costly time and mistakes from their international marketing efforts so they can get to market faster.


Translation Memory

Develop your own database of stored "segments" that enable translators to work up to 3X faster through use of translation memory and CAT tools that provide predictive feedback. Cloudwords Translation Memory enables a variety of translation processes, allowing for rapid time to market and decreased cost.

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Machine Translation

The Cloudwords platform integrates with a range of machine translation engines, including Lilt, Google Translate and MSFT Translate. With support for several deployment and workflow options, The Cloudwords Localization Automation platform meets the needs of any translation requirement.

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Rich Media Asset Support

Without design or video editing skills localizing rich media assets is a difficult, manual process. Cloudwords makes it easy to review and edit video, webinar and creative files in platforms like Adobe InDesign, Vidyard, On24 and Brightcove without deep creative expertise.

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