Forcepoint is an Austin, Texas based global provider of integrated network security solutions. The Company offers a systems-oriented approach to insider threat detection and analytics, cloud-based user and application protection, next-gen network protection, data security and systems visibility.

Forcepoint experienced rapid growth through acquisitions and parallel expansion into new global markets which left them with a fractured localization process. They wanted to develop a streamlined localization process that also worked seamlessly with their marketing automation platform, Marketo, to support delivering their campaigns to more customers in more languages.



Forcepoint faced several challenges:

  • Inefficient, time consuming email-driven communication between in internal stakeholders and translation providers on projects
  • Manual cutting and pasting of content from Marketo into different formats for LSP access and translation
  • Inability to track or provide and audit trail of changes throughout review process
  • Lack of centralized TM (Translation Memory) management impacted quality of translations, and hindered LSPs from learning correct terminology for future translations
  • Inconsistent messaging across content marketing and web services teams, due to absence of common translation memory, glossary and style guide assets


  • Global transparency of localization projects for reviewers and translators
  • (Through dashboards) now have visibility into bottlenecks
  • TM has favorably impacted translation quality, increased message consistency across departments, and resulted in cost savings
  • Ability to evaluate translations in Cloudwords’ OneReview (In Context Review) simplifies overall process, shortens turnaround time and has improved quality of content and deliverables

How can Cloudwords Help?






“We now have one translation process and one point of view for the regions, enabling Forcepoint to maintain 11 regional websites and send about 20 email campaigns per year that are translated into 10+ languages. We would not be able to scale our marketing efforts without Cloudwords.”

Ben Webb, Campaign Manager, Field Marketing, Forcepoint