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You've made big investments into your technologies and systems to gain efficiencies and speed when deploying campaigns and content. Now it’s time to take your marketing cloud global with Cloudwords.

Cloudwords for Knowledge Management

A faster, easier way to localize content in Salesforce Knowledge 

Cloudwords adds translation management to Salesforce Knowledge. Send articles directly to a translator of your choice and receive the translated files back, all from inside your help desk application. For a more detailed view of the translation process, login to the Cloudwords to get a dashboard of all of your localization projects in one place and build custom project workflows for every scenario imaginable.

Key Features

Cloudwords is the only SaaS technology to fully automate the process of getting your sites and content into all the languages of your target regions. Optimized for ease of use, Cloudwords provides marketers with a powerful set of project management capabilities to speed turnaround time for localized content while minimizing tedious manual work.


In-context review

All localized content is automatically merged back into the appropriate pages for review and deployment.


Robust reporting and analytics

Valuable, on-demand insights into translation spend, project efficiency, and localization ROI.


Intelligent content processing

Cloudwords automatically discovers and extracts any dynamic elements, so all content is properly localized.


Translation vendor neutral

Continue working with your current preferred translation vendor(s) and/or identify additional vendors in the Cloudwords Marketplace.


Localization vendor friendly

All Web CMS content is automatically converted to industry-standard formats used by language service providers, and they continue to use their preferred CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tools.


Centrally-hosted translation memory

Cloudwords OneTM ensures you never have to pay for, or wait, to have the same words and phrases translated more than once, by any vendor.


Centrally-hosted multilingual brand assets

Company glossaries and style guides are accessible by all vendors, and easily edited and updated by the marketing team.


Cloud-based SaaS solution

No IT involvement, no install, up and running immediately.

Supported Systems

Salesforce Knowledge


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