Palo Alto Networks is a Santa Clara, California based global provider of network and enterprise security solutions. Palo Alto Networks core offering is a platform that includes advanced firewalls designed to provide network security and control of network activity based on application user and content identification, and cloud based offerings that extend firewalls to cover other aspects of security.

To support its global footprint of operating in more than 30 countries, and reaching audiences in as many as 20 different languages, Palo Alto networks localizes a breadth of website content, email campaigns, technical documents and training materials.

Palo Alto Networks was not keeping pace with regional needs and recognized the need for a more efficient, cost effective localization process that would also enable them to own their translation memory (TM), sustain and better leverage their LSP partnerships, and natively integrate with their enterprise content management system:  Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).



The outdated approach presented several challenges

  • Inability to track and manage projects across internal and external teams
  • Labor intensive and inefficient, copying and pasting of translated content between the website and LSPs.
  • Manual effort to benchmark time and spend associated with each project
  • Time consuming email-driven communication between internal stakeholders and translation providers on projects
  • Lack of TM impacted quality of translations, and impacted global messaging consistency


  • Global transparency of localization projects for project managers, reviewers, translators and the executive team
  • Translation Memory (TM ) has favorably impacted translation quality, increased messaging consistency across departments, and resulted in initial and ongoing cost savings
  • Improved ability to collaborate on campaigns in different languages, better group projects together and manage vendors through the multi-channel, multilingual view of Cloudwords  “Campaign Manager” feature
  • Improved ability to customize campaigns within respective regions resulting in increased brand consistency
  • Flexibility through the Cloudwords’ marketplace to:
    • Compare quotes to ensure selection of the best LSP for a given project
    • Easily add and onboard new LSPs
    • Expanded use of Cloudwords to streamline localization projects in other departments including technical documentation, global enablement, and support services

How can Cloudwords Help?

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Adobe Experience Manager

“Cloudwords’ platform has simplified and scaled a highly complex yet really valuable business process for us. Now managing localization projects is easier for the team, we can choose vendors for best results and the automated interface between Adobe Experience Manager and Cloudwords saves marked time and pain.”

Bernadette Javier, Web Marketing Manager,
Palo Alto Networks