Reach Every Customer Faster

Cloudwords seamlessly integrates with your existing marketing technologies, links your marketers around the world and gives you unprecedented visibility into your localization process and costs. When you eliminate tedious copying, pasting and other manual tasks, you’re well on your way to deploying campaigns and content on a global scale more swiftly than you ever believed possible.


Integrate + Scale

Cloudwords delivers complete, purpose-built integrations with the existing marketing systems you know and love including Marketo, Eloqua, Oracle Marketing Cloud, HubSpot, and more. A fully-automated process allows you to launch consistent global marketing content in any country and in any language.  Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual tasks and automate your localization process from end to end.  


Speed + Quality

It’s easier to manage your translation agencies around the world when tasks like quoting, invoicing and content sharing are centrally organized. And when all previously localized assets  terms, multilingual glossaries and style guides - are located in one, easily accessible translation memory, your future campaigns are more consistent, significantly less expensive and faster to market.


Collaborate + Automate

With Cloudwords, your teams work better together. Communication and collaboration is simplified so you can speed project timelines, breeze through the review phase, and meet go-to-market launch dates. With automated workflows, Cloudwords does the work, and you finally have visibility every step of the way. Address pesky bottlenecks before they cause delays.


Insights + Analytics

Get unprecedented insight into your localization process. Track key metrics like spend, process efficiencies, and translation quality across different languages, countries, time periods, and more. Real-time reports, dashboards and analytics make it easy to analyze where you are now, so you can plan where you need to be next.

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