World-ready marketing AS EASY AS …

  • Automate the translation of content from/to your marketing automation platform, web CMS, and more, as well as the workflows among internal and external teams.
  • Build your own translation memory, multilingual glossaries and style guides to significantly decrease costs and increase brand and message consistency.
  • Command greater returns from translation service providers. Compare and choose the best for your geos, industries, budgets, and timelines, and/or maximize ties with current vendors.
  • Discover how to create greater efficiencies, ROI, and alignment with your global marketing strategy through real-time reports and analytics.
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Stop compromising on how much, or when, your marketing campaigns and content get translated for key markets. Modernize your localization process with Cloudwords to deliver more global growth and engagement faster. Learn more >
  • Shazam - Decrease Time to Market
  • PowerIntegrations - Reducing translation project life cycle
  • Appthority - Driving growth through global content
  • Coupa - Increasing speed to market for product translation
Groupon Cornerstone Coupa
VeriSign Marketo Appthority


Cloudwords slashes the cost, complexity and turn-around time for localization of all content, so you can engage and sell to global audiences – without leaving money on the table.

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    Increased Speed

    Automated workflows and streamlined processes across departments, teams and vendors ensure faster time to market.

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    Reduced Costs

    Hosted Translation Memory lets you share approved translations with all vendors and stakeholders. Avoid costly markups with quote benchmarking.

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    Improved Visibility

    Dashboards and reports help you easily analyze translation spend, time-to-market efficiencies, and translation ROI.

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    Brand Consistency

    Ensure a unified corporate tone and brand across the globe with easy access to multilingual assets for all vendors and stakeholders.

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    Maximized Investments

    Use our pre-built integrations for leading content management, marketing automation, and other systems, with open APIs and a robust development center.

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