Reduce Time to Market With Localization Automation

Delivering timely and relevant campaigns in local languages is critical to the success of your global marketing efforts. Cloudwords is a localization automation platform that unifies your global marketing technologies, teams, and processes so you can efficiently and effectively deliver localized content to your users around the globe.

Organize & Maximize Your Multilingual Marketing Campaigns


Quickly Connect with the cloudwords platform.

Connecting to Cloudwords is fast and easy. Your team can get started immediately and begin to realize the benefits of a streamlined localization process. Cloudwords becomes an extension of your existing marketing technology when you connect your system with ours.


Select your source campaigns for translation and create custom workflows.

You can choose any type of marketing campaign format as your source content, including landing pages, emails, ebooks, white papers, videos and social text. Use our pre-configured automated workflows or create new ones to keep the translation process on track across all projects and languages.


Review, edit, and manage assets all in one place.

With the translation process for your assets managed in a central location, you gain complete control and visibility across every multilingual marketing campaign. Our platform encourages collaboration to streamline revisions and approvals, getting your assets ready for market faster.


Launch your global campaigns with ease and efficiency.

Cloudwords maximizes the effectiveness of your marketing campaign translation process by enabling your business to develop global campaigns that create individual customer experiences in multiple languages. Our efficient process gives you the speed you need to launch more localized marketing campaigns at scale and reach more users around the world.


Extend your current marketing automation or content management systems, like Adobe Experience Manager or WordPress, with Cloudwords and access the benefits of our localization automation platform.

Platform Features

Cloudwords was designed to optimize your global campaign efforts. Your marketing campaigns will thrive with multilingual asset management and localization features that benefit your team and customers.


Collaboration and Workflow


In-Context Review and Approval


Integration and Auto-Creation of Assets


Translation Memory


Project Visibility and Reporting