Localization Of Marketing Assets At Speed And Scale

Build a stronger digital presence for your business by delivering a local experience to global audiences. Cloudwords eliminates the time-consuming manual process of managing multilingual assets and accelerates your time to market with its localization automation platform.

Localization Made Simple

Cloudwords connects with your existing marketing technologies and streamlines the flow of translated assets, from creation to launch, in just a few simple steps. This easy-to-use platform is designed to help you reach your global goals faster than ever.


Select Marketing Assets & Languages

Choose your source content and languages through Cloudwords to begin asset localization.


Translate Using your Preferred Vendors

Cloudwords automatically creates .XLF assets and distributes them to your current translation vendors.


Review In Context

Our platform automatically creates publishable translated assets in their final format for quicker and simpler review.


Deliver Translated Marketing Assets

Launch your approved assets and track how your global efforts impact user engagement, business growth, and ROI.

Cloudwords Features

Cloudwords was designed to optimize the speed and scale at which you can reach your global audiences. With its unique features, Cloudwords significantly improves asset localization by removing time-consuming tasks and streamlining project management. Your global efforts will thrive with a multilingual asset management system built to benefit your team and customers. Learn more about Cloudwords innovative features.


Collaboration and Workflow


In-Context Review and Approval


Connectivity and Auto Creation of Assets


Translation Memory


Project Visibility and Reporting


We enhance the capabilities of your current technology by connecting it with the intelligent automation of Cloudwords’ localization platform. Our seamless process aligns your platform with ours in minutes, providing immediate access to valuable localization automation and translation management benefits.