Oracle Eloqua Localization Integration


Improve your global engagement, sales, and customer experiences.

Elevate Marketing Automation With Oracle Eoqua & Cloudwords

Enhance the marketing automation capabilities of Oracle Eloqua with the Cloudwords localization automation platform. With Cloudwords, you’ll be able to deliver more localized marketing campaigns faster to your global audiences.


Unify Oracle Eloqua with the Cloudwords platform.

Cloudwords’ easy-to-use platform connects in minutes, allowing you to get started and drive value immediately. Once connected, users will be able to quickly access assets and assign them for translation in one seamless experience.


Select any marketing content for translation from the Eloqua platform.

Cloudwords easily extracts content from email, landing pages, forms, and more. Cloudwords is designed to ensure you’ll never spend time copying and pasting assets for translation again.


Review, edit, and approve localized content in one place.

Our centrally managed system is accessible to your team anytime and anywhere, providing continuously updated assets with real-time comments, edits, and feedback. Our collaborative in-context review capabilities significantly reduce translation approval time and allow you to increase the volume of multilingual marketing assets you create.


Manage budgets and workloads and increase process efficiency.

Gain insight into your multilingual marketing campaigns with Cloudwords’ real-time data reporting and analytics capabilities. Watch your localization efforts take off when you combine the power of our localization automation platform with Eloqua’s marketing automation capabilities.


Break down Global Campaign Barriers

Localization of marketing campaigns shouldn’t be a time-consuming, painful process that acts as a barrier to your global marketing efforts. Discover how Cloudwords eliminates extra time associated with multilingual campaign deployment and helps you reach more customers, faster, in their native language.

Platform Features

Cloudwords is a feature-rich platform that provides unprecedented levels of automation and efficiency. We eliminate the time-consuming, costly, and frustrating tasks of translation management by streamlining your process from start to finish.


Collaboration and Workflow


In-Context Review and Approval


Integration and Auto-Creation of Assets


Translation Memory


Project Visibility and Reporting