Localization Made Simple

Cloudwords accelerates global marketing processes for your business. Our platform functions as an extension of your existing marketing technology to automate and manage multilingual content translation.

Let Cloudwords Automate Your Localization in 4 Simple Steps

Global enterprises are being held back by time-consuming, manual translation processes that contribute to long lead times, content errors and inconsistencies, and lost growth opportunities. Localization automation eliminates these issues by streamlining the translation process through an intuitive, centralized SaaS platform. The Cloudwords solution uses an efficient four-step process to help you accomplish your global business goals.


Select Marketing Assets & Languages

Cloudwords removes the tedious task of copying and pasting content, allowing you to select source content and languages directly from your marketing application. From there, our platform will automatically extract any asset and detect and manage embedded content, including emails, landing pages, forms, tokens and snippets, hyperlinks, headers and footers, and dynamic content.


Translate Using Your Language Service Provider

Customizable workflows allow complete flexibility around the translation, review, and approval process for each language and content type. Our solution provides full visibility whether you use a professional language service provider, in-house translators, or machine translation.


Review Translations Side by Side, In Context

Cloudwords’ OneReview is critical to eliminating errors and expediting the translation review process. Cloudwords provides a seamless interface to review translated assets in their final layout allowing you to easily accommodate for expansion and contraction associated with different languages.


Seamlessly Deliver Final Assets

Our localization automation platform prepares your multilingual assets for market in record time. With your content finalized, all that is left to do is distribute to your global audiences and get started on your next marketing initiative!

Cloudwords Features

Cloudwords’ feature-rich platform is designed to enhance and automate the entire localization process. We accelerate project creation with seamless integrations, unify your team with cloud-based collaboration, streamline the review and approval process, save time and effort with centrally stored translation memory, and improve project visibility through reporting.


Collaboration and Workflow


In-Context Review and Approval


Integration and Auto-Creation of Assets


Translation Memory


Project Visibility and Reporting


Unite your existing marketing platforms and optimize the value of your global content when you connect your technology with Cloudwords localization automation platform.