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Without Cloudwords

Without Cloudwords

The only thing standing in the way of launching global campaigns and driving revenue is the inefficient process of translating your content. Manual workflows and systems that aren’t integrated add unnecessary time and errors to the process of getting your global content in market so it can start generating demand.

With Cloudwords

With Cloudwords

Cloudwords automates localization workflows to streamline the end-to-end process of creating global campaigns. By seamlessly integrating with translation vendors, marketing automation platforms and content management systems, we take the manual work out of getting your marketing assets translated. The world's largest global companies use Cloudwords to remove costly time and mistakes from their international marketing efforts so they can get to market faster.


Cloudwords connects and unifies global marketing teams around the translation process through a single, shared platform and automates traditionally manual workflows for up to 3X faster speed to market.


By seamlessly integrating with translation vendors, marketing automation platforms, content management systems and various content formats, Cloudwords makes it easy to translate content within the context of its final format.

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Increase translation and brand consistency with centralized multilingual assets, the Cloudwords Translation Memory and multilingual glossary and style guide.


Understand the impact of localization projects and related campaigns with real-time data about translation management process, spend, and ROI.



Microsoft has increased their new leads by 433% which translates to a 9% increase in revenue.


See how PTC’s average turnaround time for translating email campaigns went from 12 weeks to 2 weeks.



We Integrate to Reach Customers Faster

Cloudwords seamlessly integrates with your existing marketing technologies, links your marketers around the world and gives you unprecedented visibility into your localization process and associated costs.




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The field wants one place to go localize marketing content, they want one experience, one review process, one tool… and so the center gravity for us is Cloudwords.
Charles Eichenbaum
Director of Marketing Technology, Microsoft
Before Cloudwords, the amount of time spent that marketing was spending on the translation process, chasing down status of projects, maintaining spreadsheets to manage process was simply a barrier to getting the job done.
Chick Webb
Senior Online Marketing Manager, Power Integrations
We came to Cloudwords for the Drupal module and stayed for the Translation Memory. Getting help with pushing XML files back and forth solved one big problem, but retaining the IP for any translation work we do is even better!
Ina Kinski
Technology Administrator, ADInstruments
Cloudwords has allowed us to optimize processes which in turn means we can execute on a larger number of localized campaigns much faster. My team’s SLA for launching has reduced from weeks to days.
Anna Poulakis
Director Marketing Automation, PTC
We’re thrilled with Cloudwords. It was the only solution for our growing localized knowledge base.
Dominique Bridge
Localization Program Manager, Customer Support, Fitbit
You simply can’t scale global marketing automation without Marketo and Cloudwords unless you are prepared to hire a small army.
Gene Scholes
Global Director, Digital Commerce & Systems, HACH
There are many vendors in the market today. Cloudwords is an innovative, forward thinking partner, that is focused on our success, and is evolving with us to move our business forward.
Candice Willingham
Global Director, Marketing Automation, Mouser Electronics.
Cloudwords’ platform has simplified and scaled a highly complex yet really valuable business process for us. Now managing localization projects is easier for the team, we can choose vendors for best results and the automated interface between Adobe Experience Manager and Cloudwords saves marked time and pain.
Bernadette Javier
Web Marketing Manager, Palo Alto Networks

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