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Cloudwords improves the speed, scalability, and success of your multilingual marketing activities through automated workflows and collaboration-enhancing tools. Discover how Cloudwords can help your enterprise achieve its global goals faster than ever.
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Customer Success


The field wants one place to go localize marketing content, they want one experience, one review process, one tool… and so the center gravity for us is Cloudwords.

Charles Eichenbaum

Director of Marketing Technology, Microsoft


Cloudwords has allowed us to optimize processes which in turn mean we can execute on a larger number of localized campaigns much faster. My team's SLA for launching has reduced from weeks to days.

Anna Poulakis

Director Marketing Automation, PTC


Our world before Cloudwords was managed chaos!

Boris Kiperas

Senior Marketing Automation Analyst, CA Technologies


We now have one translation process and one point of view for the regions, enabling Forcepoint to maintain 11 regional websites and send about 20 email campaigns per year that are translated into 10+ languages. We would not be able to scale our marketing efforts without Cloudwords.

Ben Webb

Campaign Manager, Field Marketing, Forcepoint


(Before Cloudwords), the amount of time spent that marketing was spending on the translation process, chasing down status of projects, maintaining spreadsheets to manage process was simply a barrier to get the job done.

Chick Webb

Senior Online Marketing Manager, Power Integrations

Connect your Technology with Cloudwords.

Kickstart your globalization efforts by seamlessly connecting your current technology investments with Cloudwords. Connectivity offers instant efficiencies, like automated asset creation so your team won’t have to copy and paste multiple translated emails, landing pages, websites, or documents. Learn more about how we can connect with your existing platforms.

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Cloudwords unleashes powerful project management capabilities to speed time to market for global campaigns and localized content at scale. Our team is friendly, responsive, and experienced in globalization technology and solutions

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