Speed Global Demand Generation Within Days of Deployment

Cloudwords pushes your business into overdrive by speeding global campaign and content deployment by 3x, often at 1/2 of the cost, all the while being seamlessly integrated with your existing marketing technologies. Gone are the days of tedious copying and pasting, sending email reminders, and managing all your localization activities by spreadsheets. 

  • Work With Any Localization Vendor

    Use your own vendor or choose from our marketplace. Benefit from Cloudwords' collaboration and workflow features ensuring that SMEs and native speakers sign off on quality content.
  • Get More From Your Marketing Systems

    Cloudwords speaks directly to leading content and marketing systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Sitecore, Marketo, Eloqua, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Hubspot.
  • Make the most of your spend

    Reduce translation costs with Cloudwords' centrally-hosted translation memory. You won't pay to translate the same word twice. And get a transparent view of your spend by region or globally.
  • Take Control of the Localization Process

    Cloudwords is uniquely designed to make translation a revenue-generator for you, not just for your translation vendors. Bid out translation work to any vendor, or within our 300+ member marketplace.

Five Easy Steps To Making More Money

Here's how Cloudwords works:

Step 1

Choose Any Content With Just A Click

  • Say goodbye to copy and paste. Seamless integration with industry-leading content management systems such as Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud plus many others, enables you to dynamically pull any content into the Cloudwords platform.
  • Our open API allows you to connect and customize Cloudwords to almost any proprietary system.
  • Don't use a content management system? We've got you covered: Cloudwords lets you easily and directly upload  any file type, from PDF's to PSD's.
Step 2

Bring Your Vendor With You

Cloudwords encourages you to continue working with your preferred Localization expert.  If you love your current vendor, you'll work even better together after you add Cloudwords to the mix. And if you're shopping around, we can also help you find trusted vendors who specialize in what you need.

Step 3

Get Everyone On The Same Page

Cloudwords ensures all stakeholders -- internal teams, translation vendors, reviewers, external parties -- stay in-sync and on-time, all the time. We do this via fully customizable automated workflows and cross-border collaboration. This helps to unify globally dispersed teams and align corporate and regional needs.               

Step 4

Deliver More Global Campaigns, Websites, Documentation, and Collateral

When your localization is complete, we automatically 'push' it back into your content system and in the right format, of course, ready to deliver straight to your customers.


Unique In-Context Review tools help involve all your reviewers and stakeholders in the process:

Our  in-context review process highlights any design issues on-screen, as if the new translated content were in the original marketing automation tool.  It is the industry's easiest way to review and edit translated content. And because we make it so fast and easy, you'll be able to do it again and again.

The result? More markets, more campaigns, more deals. Just more, faster.

Step 5

Real-Time Reporting for Budgets, Workloads And Schedules

Cloudwords gives you full real-time reporting into spend and workflow, so you can keep improving with every cycle. You'll know the ROI of your translation spend, plus you'll find translation activities that used to take months will now require just days. You'll regain time to focus on what matters: getting more localized campaigns and content into your target regions - faster.


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"You simply can't scale global marketing automation without Marketo and Cloudwords unless you are prepared to hire a small army."

Gene Scholes, Global Director

Hach Company (Subsidiary of Danaher Corporation)

"With Cloudwords, we can quickly execute our digital campaigns on a global scale, by streamlining our processes....and cutting our localization time nearly in half."

Dorothy Famiglietti, Program Director

CA Technologies