Seamless Integration with Marketo



Innovation has led to a new era of new competition, new categories, new business models and new services. In order to monetize these opportunities Microsoft needed to evolve how they were developing and delivering marketing programs from a loosely coupled, somewhat siloed approach to a single spine marketing campaign model. After launching this single spine approach (through global demand center) around the world featuring a single Microsoft product, there was recognition that a localization solution was an open and critical need to reach customers and prospects in 86 countries and 22 Languages.

Microsoft’s approach to localization presented several challenges:

  • Inability to scale across +200 reviewers, double digit number of authors and track and monitor projects consistently
  • Manual cutting and pasting of content from Excel to localize from English to local language, then back to Marketo and into selected templates – post translation
  • Version control was a major problem
  • Entire process was slow and expensive
  • Alleviate need for cutting and pasting strings in and out of Marketo
  • Support broader approach to marketing objectives and outcomes
  • Next up: leverage CW integration with InDesign, Photoshop, Exact Target, Site Core and Internal CMS

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"The field wants one place to go localize marketing content, they want one experience, one review process, one tool... and so the center of gravity for us is Cloudwords."

Charles Eichenbaum

Director of Marketing Technology Microsoft