Mouser Electronics

Time to translation decreased from 2-3 weeks to 6 days



Mouser Electronics is a worldwide leading authorized distributor of electronic components. Mouser has developed a number of in-house technologies. However, as part of a globalization initiative to explore solutions to more rapidly launch global campaigns in 19 languages, Mouser integrates marketing automation. Mouser needed to accelerate the localization process with a solution that had the flexibility to meet their unique business requirements while seamlessly integrating.

Mouser’s manual localization processes amplified the interdependencies of third-party translation service providers, in addition to central and regionally deployed marketing teams.

The nonautomated approach presented several challenges:

  • Long production cycles and wait times for responses via email
  • Inability to consistently monitor and track projects across regions
  • Limited view of translation investment and spending
  • Cutting and pasting in and out of the marketing automation system
  • Design resources being commandeered to tend translation projects
  • Global transparency of localization projects
  • Reduced reliance on Design team by 50% (given integration with marketing automation software and Cloudwords to repurpose English language assets)
  • Gained insight into current translation spending and improved ability to anticipate incoming fiscal year spending through Cloudwords analytics
  • Realized cost savings through translation memory
  • Improved campaign quality through in-context review
  • Reduced end to end translation-design-approval cycle time by 20%

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“Before we were looking at 2-3 weeks to go through a translation process … Now our process time is a max of 6 days … We have been able to cut our time to market pretty much in half.”

Jean Lee

Marketing Automation Manager