Seamless Approval of Global Content

Facilitate regional collaboration around multilingual content review and ensure global alignment of brand messaging

Powerful Translation Review Experience

With Cloudwords OneReview, you can effortlessly collaborate with your in-market colleagues around the world to ensure that your translated campaigns and content are on-brand and appropriate for regional variations.

Cloudwords enables multiple reviewers to view, provide feedback and edit translated content. All of this is within the context of its final format – whether it's an email, newsletter, landing page, word document or web page.  Any file type can be uploaded, transferred, downloaded and translated.

Because Cloudwords streamlines the review process to make it fast and easy, you’ll be able to get more campaigns and more content to market quicker and more often.


In-Context Review

Cloudwords In-Context Review is the industry's most technologically advanced and easiest approach to reviewing and editing translated content.  See both the source and the translated content side-by-side. 

With Cloudwords, translated copy appears just as it would in the final layout.  For example, a translated email stored in Marketo looks exactly the same as it would to the email recipient - and your reviewers never have to login to Marketo!


Line-by-Line Review

Cloudwords also offers Line-by-Line review, which displays both the source text and the translation, side by side.  This linguistic view allows reviewers to easily compare each segment, make edits or comments, and ensure that everything is translated correctly in the target language.  

This powerful review experience means faster time to market in all of your target countries with easier collaboration with global teams and fewer errors.