Transform your multilingual content into a strategic advantage

Increase customer engagement and brand consistency, while leveraging past investments, with OneTM.

Optimize Multilingual Assets

Leverage existing global marketing content to streamline review processes across multiple regions within your teams.

Reduce Content Investments

Eliminate the need to recreate brand, product, and campaign content across regions, by re-using existing assets and minimizing costly duplicate efforts.

Enhance Brand Consistency

Store, manage, and track the use of your multilingual marketing assets to ensure a persistent global voice aligned to your corporate marketing objectives.

Why OneTM, from Cloudwords?

Centrally Managed

OneTM is cloud-based, which means it is always up to date and available for re-use across any number of localization partners, providing you with complete multilingual supply chain flexibility. 

Process Integrated

OneTM works seamlessly with existing marketing technology investments, to provide a fully-integrated multilingual experience, optimized to increase the velocity of your global content creation.

Enterprise Architected

Designed with the Enterprise client in mind, OneTM stores over two billion multilingual client segments, ensuring you can be confident in our ability to support your ever-expanding content requirements.