Developing personal relationships with consumers globally




All localized content is automatically extracted and merged back after review/approval of translations.


Leverage your preferred translation vendors/translators or machine translation.


Regional marketing managers can view source and translated content side-by-side with WYSIWYG editing.


Leveraging translation memory ensures brand consistency and content quality.

Technical Details

Cloudwords delivers a complete, purpose-built integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud - ExactTarget. Accelerate and automate campaign localization to maximize revenue from global markets. Localize more content, more frequently, and with higher quality than using any other approach or technology.

Cloudwords integrates with ExactTarget in minutes. Once seamlessly integrated, you are just one click away from launching your campaigns and content in any market and in any language. Select the the content you want to localize (emails, landing pages, forms and more) and Cloudwords does the rest.

Say goodbye to copy and paste; just click and choose any content

Cloudwords automatically extracts any asset, regardless of content type or format, and will automatically detect and manage embedded content, including:

Forms within a landing page 
Translations of any embedded images. The platform is able to route the source file and automatically synchronize the translated images
Header and footers - Cloudwords can substitute the source header with the desired translated language header
Dynamic content - Cloudwords can extract all variants of the content

Select your preferred translation process

Customized workflows control the translation, review and approval process for each language and type of asset.

Professional Translation: Select your preferred Language Service Provider (LSP) or choose one from the Cloudwords Vendor Marketplace using criteria such as price, quality type or timeline to select the best provider for your needs

Machine Translation: Use industry leading Microsoft Translator or choose your engine of choice

Internal Translators: Automate requests to your internal translation experts leveraging existing Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools and processes

Review and edit localized content in context

The industry's only in-context review technology for ExactTarget.

OneReview ensures all of your work in ExactTarget is reviewed and edited in its fully-intended format. All stakeholders are able to see source content and the translated copy side by side, in-context and in real time, exactly how the content is laid out and can use the line-by-line interface to provide edits and feedback.

Collaborate with your in-market field reviewers and Subject Matter Experts to ensure campaigns are on-brand, consistent and optimized for local audiences

Automatically publish final translations in ExactTarget and update your Translation Memory

All translated content is accessed directly in ExactTarget with all updated dependencies.

With each asset, project or campaign your Translation Memory (TM) becomes more intelligent. Repurposing all existing translations increases consistency, significantly reduces costs and gets campaigns faster to market

Manage budgets, workloads and efficiency with real data

Get complete transparency into spend and process efficiencies with real-time reports and analytics.

Translation activities that previously took months to complete will now require just days. With increased efficiency, you'll have time to focus on what really matters: Getting more campaigns to more regions faster, in all the languages of your target countries.