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Early Adopters of New Marketing Technology Earn Their Bragging Rights

By Scott Yancey on 03/11/2015

The speed at which a business operates and its adoption of innovative technology go together hand-in-hand. We all marvel at how business ever managed to function efficiently prior to the invention of modern-day technologies we now take for granted, such as the Internet and its related software, programs and applications, and the laptops, smartphones and tablets that allow us to access it. All of which enable us to be more efficient workers who can drive more success in our business and professional lives.

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Want to Expand Globally? Gauge Your Audience Before You Engage

By Richard Harpham on 02/27/2015

The potential to generate demand and grow revenue in global markets is staggering—in fact, research shows 40-50 percent of revenue for large companies comes from outside the U.S. Whether your objective is to expand into new markets, or grow your existing ones, you need to conduct market research and review segmentation data to determine where your global demand is coming from—or where demand is most likely to occur—then consider the cultural characteristics of your new target audience and adjust your marketing messages to engage and sell to them.

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Marketers, It’s Time to Proclaim Your Value

By Richard Harpham on 02/10/2015


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