Global transparency into localization process


Fitbit is a San Francisco- based world consumer electronics leader in connected health and fitness market.  To help its customers make the most of Fitbit trackers and apps, the company provides an extensive library of self-service tips, tutorials and guides.  Localization is critical to Fitbit’s global expansion and the customer support team wanted to find a solution that would accelerate and automate their localization process to deliver self-service content in eight core languages, support increasing volumes of articles to be translated, and provide seamless integration with their CRM platform: Salesforce.


Category: Case Study
Vertical: Consumer Electronics

Tech / Fitness
Integrations: Salesforce


“We’re thrilled with Cloudwords. It was the only solution for our growing localized knowledge base.”


Dominique Bridge
Localization Program Manager, Customer Support, Fitbit

Business Challenge

Fitbit’s approach to managing localization was experiencing several significant challenges:

  • Inability to track and monitor projects for each language
  • Manual export of articles out of Salesforce and forwarding via email or via  file sharing platform to LSP (Language Service Provider) for translation
  • Errors often prevented translators from being imported back into Salesforce
  • Formatting issues encountered on returned translation files from LSP
  • Embedded links to help articles had to be manually updated for each translated article, in each language

Business Results

  • Increased frequency of translations which allows accelerated ability to provide customers with fresh and up-to-date Help Center content
  • Global transparency into localization process
  • Ability to tag content and group projects by campaign name for easy tracking
  • Automation of updating embedded links in newly translated help articles
  • Eliminated need to manually export content from Salesforce and manually  import newly translated content into the correct location of Salesforce
  • Flexibility to sustain and better leverage existing LSP partnership
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