Global transparency of localization projects


HACH is a U.S. based world leading manufacturer of analytical instruments and reagents used to test the quality of water and other liquid solutions.

Hach Company wanted to further leverage their use of marketing automation through a globalization platform that offered seamless integration with Marketo in order to create a higher level of customer engagement in 26 languages.


Category: Case Study
Vertical: Manufacturing
Integrations: Marketo

“You simply can’t scale global marketing automation without Marketo and Cloudwords unless you are prepared to hire a small army.”


Gene Scholes
Global Director
Digital Commerce & Systems, HACH

Business Challenge

Hach’s approach to managing localization was not keeping pace with its mandate to educate and communicate with customers around the world.

The outdated approach presented several challenges:

  • Lack of efficient and transparent workflow
  • Inability to track and monitor projects consistently across departments
  • Manual cutting and pasting of content out of Marketo and back into selected templates – post translation
  • Trade-offs to prioritize messaging

Business Results

  • Global transparency of localization projects
  • Improved average monthly run rate of nurturing leads (Pre-MQL) by 61%
  • Increased capacity to deliver 50% more email campaigns per week
  • With increased frequency, email campaign showing improved results
    • Open rate from 17 to 28%
    • Click thru rate from 3 to 11%
  • Achieved an increase in team productivity with zero increase in staff resources
  • Opportunity to increase average order size by positioning the entire product portfolio with desired cadence