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75% of the World Can’t Read this Post



If you’re looking to grow your business, you are ignoring 75% of your potential audience by publishing in English only.

In fact, no matter what language you publish in, you’re only reaching a small percentage of global online consumers in their preferred language. That means opportunity.

Translation Process

Historically, and for many today, this is an ongoing pain point. We’ll call this the “before”. Now, with the Cloud and smart, integrated technologies, we can live in the “after”.

Costly translation process On-demand translation
Lack of coordination and processes for external translators – costs money and time. Streamlined processes and single hub for all activity
Translation is often duplicated across your assets or across vendors, adding unnecessary costs Translation memory in the Cloud that avoids duplicated translations across multiple vendors
Time-consuming, labor-intensive cut and paste for each distribution platform Easy to start the translation process directly within your current Marketing Automation or Content Management tools
Difficult to analyze ROI: multiple and disparate processes and vendors A single platform that quantifies savings in time and expense across all your translation vendors

Now, businesses can host all translations in one place so that they can be easily managed and edited. No more copy-pasting necessary, since it’s now possible to pull content directly from a document or a platform (such as Marketo, Wordpress, Twitter, etc.), translate it and then post it at will. Translators can be in-house, preferred external vendors or even drawn from a freelance group of qualified professionals. What was once a Tower of Babel is now a radio tower, signaling to the world that you are open for business.

Richard Harpham
Written by Richard Harpham

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