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A Global Marketing Vision Beyond Translation: Palo Alto Networks’ Success with Cloudwords

By Richard Harpham on 03/03/2016

Cloudwords helps us think of globalization as a process that starts at the beginning of marketing content creation. This global thinking saves the company time and money in the end.” - Bernadette Javier, Web Marketing Manager at Palo Alto Networks 

With an ever-growing global customer base, the Palo Alto Networks marketing team recognized a need for a more efficient, cost-effective localization process to better serve its multilingual audiences. One of the fastest growing security companies in the market, Palo Alto Networks initially selected Cloudwords to help them build localized websites for target regions. The company especially liked the Cloudwords platform because they were able to continue to use their existing translation service provider without disrupting their overall localization process, but are also able to identify new vendors that matched new content and language needs.

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75% of the World Can’t Read this Post

By Richard Harpham on 06/25/2015

If you’re looking to grow your business, you are ignoring 75% of your potential audience by publishing in English only.

In fact, no matter what language you publish in, you’re only reaching a small percentage of global online consumers in their preferred language. That means opportunity.

Translation Process

Historically, and for many today, this is an ongoing pain point. We’ll call this the “before”. Now, with the Cloud and smart, integrated technologies, we can live in the “after”.

Costly translation process On-demand translation
Lack of coordination and processes for external translators – costs money and time. Streamlined processes and single hub for all activity
Translation is often duplicated across your assets or across vendors, adding unnecessary costs Translation memory in the Cloud that avoids duplicated translations across multiple vendors
Time-consuming, labor-intensive cut and paste for each distribution platform Easy to start the translation process directly within your current Marketing Automation or Content Management tools
Difficult to analyze ROI: multiple and disparate processes and vendors A single platform that quantifies savings in time and expense across all your translation vendors

Now, businesses can host all translations in one place so that they can be easily managed and edited. No more copy-pasting necessary, since it’s now possible to pull content directly from a document or a platform (such as Marketo, Wordpress, Twitter, etc.), translate it and then post it at will. Translators can be in-house, preferred external vendors or even drawn from a freelance group of qualified professionals. What was once a Tower of Babel is now a radio tower, signaling to the world that you are open for business.

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Glocalization Makes the Global Local

By Richard Harpham on 06/19/2015

How Do You Say….Marketing?

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The Marketing Nation Gets Global with Cloudwords’ Customers Hach and Sherwin-Williams

By Richard Harpham on 04/28/2015

“Inspiration in the Nation” was Marketo’s theme for the 2015 Summit, and wow, did they deliver! From the early morning fun run, to educational sessions, happy hour networking, and inspiring speakers, kudos to Marketo for putting on a phenomenal user conference. Cloudwords would like to thank both our customers and new friends for stopping by our booth to say hello.

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#RuleTheWorld with Cloudwords at #MKTGnation 2015

By Richard Harpham on 04/09/2015

The Cloudwords team is gearing up to showcase our marketing globalization platform, connect with customers, and make new friends at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit next week. Our team of marketing and localization experts will be on hand at booth #506 to provide globalization tips, tricks and best practices to help businesses translate content easier, faster, and more cost-effectively with Cloudwords’ award-winning integration with Marketo. Here are five reasons you should stop by and say hello, hola, bonjour, hallo, ciao…

1) If you use Marketo and need to localize content and campaigns for international markets, Cloudwords is the ONLY technology integrated with Marketo for automated translation. Trust me, you will be amazed at how much easier the translation process is when all you have to do is “click” to move content from Marketo, into Cloudwords and off to your preferred translation vendor.

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Want to Expand Globally? Gauge Your Audience Before You Engage

By Richard Harpham on 02/27/2015

The potential to generate demand and grow revenue in global markets is staggering—in fact, research shows 40-50 percent of revenue for large companies comes from outside the U.S. Whether your objective is to expand into new markets, or grow your existing ones, you need to conduct market research and review segmentation data to determine where your global demand is coming from—or where demand is most likely to occur—then consider the cultural characteristics of your new target audience and adjust your marketing messages to engage and sell to them.

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Marketers, It’s Time to Proclaim Your Value

By Richard Harpham on 02/10/2015


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