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Victory LAP part two; an Insider's Perspective

By Cloudwords on 11/12/2019


After nearly a decade in the localization services arena, I’m excited to move to the technology side of the industry and provide an "insider's perspective" on Steven's colorful Victory LAP blog posted last week. 

As a customer advocate, passionate about creating the right solution for each client, my ability to align true customer-focused solutions with my sales teams has always been contradicted by the need to drive services revenue as an LSP. Enter Cloudwords and our services-agnostic approach to enhancing customer experience through connectivity, via our Localization Automation Platform (LAP)!

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A Victory LAP by Steven Sakadales

By Cloudwords on 11/05/2019

I am excited to be one month into my role as Global Head of Customer Success for Cloudwords...the world’s only LAP (Localization Automation Platform). The Localization industry is quite foreign to me and it’s comforting to find that some things are universal in the world of Automation SaaS. For instance, the Localization industry lives on acronyms. MT, TM, LSP, CAT, TMS, IT (not that IT), WTT, LAP, all have me flexing my AMM...Acronym Memorization Muscle.

This is a skill I honed during my years at Marketo, an Adobe Company.

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Important Cloudwords Features & Functions You Don’t Want to Miss!

By Ashish Agrawal on 02/18/2016

Cloudwords Added New Features, Enhanced Capabilities, and Expanded Integrations for its Growing Customer Base in 2015

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