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Want Great Global Content? Find a Great Translator

By Cloudwords on 02/18/2016

As a good marketer in the digital age, you probably know how to find the right partner for a lot of your needs, from programmers to event planners. Chances are you have less confidence about how to do the same for a key aspect of your global content marketing campaign: Finding and engaging a great translator.

As you have certainly seen from infamous global advertising translations gone wrong, messaging that is incorrect as a result of poor translation or localization can undermine the entire investment you’ve made in the content and the campaign, not to mention your brand’s valuable reputation.

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Disrupting an Industry in Need of Disruption: Cloudwords Selected as an AlwaysOn Global 250 Winner

By Scott Yancey on 06/30/2015

Cloudwords’ translation automation platform helps companies identify new revenue opportunities and grow global market share, and we’re proud to again be included among the leading global innovators—some of which are also our customers!—whose game-changing approaches and technologies are disrupting markets worldwide. We’re honored to be recognized by AlwaysOn as a disruptor in our industry and to once again be named one of the AlwaysOn Global 250 winners for the second year in a row.

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Glocalization Makes the Global Local

By Richard Harpham on 06/19/2015

How Do You Say….Marketing?

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Tired of Translation Review Headaches? Cloudwords’ New “In-Context Review” Provides a Pain-free Process

By Nish Mohan on 04/13/2015

Does this scenario sound familiar…? You manage your company’s localization process, ensuring content is translated into all the different languages for all the markets your company does business in. One of your responsibilities is to ensure translation projects move along in a timely manner, so you keep tabs on which stage of the process projects are in, and make sure they are completed on time. Projects move along just fine until… the dreaded review phase. Suddenly, everything stalls because…

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