Globile: It's a Thing

2 min read

We all read the facts, likely on our own phones: mobile now accounts for 60% of digital consumption. Mobile has taken over and is even more pronounced in Asia, with high growth rates elsewhere. A search for “mobile first marketing” rendersmobilesocialregional 337,000,000 results.

Just as we need to design for the mobile experience in order to stay relevant (let alone viable), we also need to consider language translation as a business necessity. For a smart global company, you would no sooner launch a campaign only on desktop than you would only in English.

For most companies, the idea of translation is either a tedious series of manual processes or a vision based on a “someday” scenario. The problem is that “someday” is now, and the market share race started yesterday.

Most marketing organizations have embraced digital – there are platforms and systems to do almost everything. Getting those platforms to integrate can be a challenge. The familiar “Mobile first!” needs to be upgraded to “Globile first!” (You can’t disrupt an industry without creating a few new words along the way.)

How to do this? Yes, it’s another platform, but here’s the beautiful thing: It works seamlessly with your existing platforms (Marketo, Eloqua, Wordpress, Sitecore, Oracle...and many more) and vendors. Cloudwords is truly additive. It allows you to translate, localize, manage workflow and seamlessly deploy within your existing solutions. It’s collaborative, cost effective and can be set up in a day.

As the name implies, much of the knowledge is stored in the Cloud, so that the most brand-compliant translations become default, and are available to teams and vendors everywhere. No more cutting and pasting into different modes of distribution (#overthat!). No more surprise costs. Just translation 70% faster, 40% cheaper and a whole lot easier. And thanks to Cloudwords, all of that translates directly to the bottom line.

Written by Cloudwords