Simplicity, Consistency, Integration and Speed to Market: The Fantastic Four of Translation Automation

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Translating global marketing campaigns into business success is a matter of…translation. Despite technology bringing the world much closer together, the global market remains multi-lingual. To reach even 70% of the global market, your company needs to speak 12 separate languages. To reach 90% of the world’s potential customers, you need to be fluent in 21. Parlez-vous translation automation?

Even if your overall market can be covered by a handful of major languages, the fact is that customers everywhere respond far better to marketing campaigns in their preferred language – with generally over 30% more conversions. So properly localized translations, ones that capture the nuances and tone of your brand in ways that resonate in a given market, are crucial to expanding your business and ensuring ROI.

Delivering your marketing message on a large global scale has always been a challenge. The traditional reliance on complex manual processes that require costly oversight leads high costs, long timeframes and a strong likelihood of branding liabilities. Think about the last email you received that mangled language – what was your perception of the company? Exactly.

In these days of increased marketing automation, those old-school translation approaches can hold your company back. Consider these warning signs that your global marketing efforts are stalled:

  • Poor global conversion rates
  • Unmanageable translation budgets
  • Lack of insight into the process
  • Inconsistent branding

Technology 2.0 to the rescue! The solution is a cloud-based translation automation platform than can not only allow for translation and localization of marketing (and all of the elements in that process), but that can integrate seamlessly with existing platforms used to get those programs out the door.

Cloudwords was created to disrupt the translation market, not by going against anything, but by integrating everything. Here are the fantastic four fundamentals:

  1. Simplification. Managing manual translation is complex, and complexity costs. A lot. Engaging translators, keeping projects on track, avoiding duplicate efforts. Automation means simplification and fewer headaches.
  1. Consistency. You want one global brand, not one brand per language. Our platform fosters collaboration amongst vendors, campaigns and regions and stores preferred translations in the cloud. When everyone has a brand-compliant and readily accessible default, it's convenient to be consistent. And consistency pays.
  1. Integration. Cloudwords connects directly with almost any content management system, source, or marketing automation platform (for a list, see "Integrations" in the Product section of Cloudwords Web Site). You don’t have to change anything else about how you work. You just work smarter.
  1. Speed to Market(ing). When your translation tasks are simplified, consistent and integrated with your marketing platform, you get your localized message to all your key markets fast. Pronto. Rápido. Schnell. 快. In fact, 70% faster than by manual means – plus you can do it for 40% of the old-school cost.

So look at how you’re managing translation for your marketing campaigns today. Do you recognize the warning signs of staid and expensive translation? Are you ready to take over the world with the Fantastic Four?

Written by Cloudwords