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Happy International Women's Day!

By Amanda Lee on 03/08/2021

Happy International Women’s Day! Today, we want to celebrate all the female leaders we know who are breaking new ground and bringing their companies to greater levels of success! We hope you’ll join us in congratulating them. 

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ServiceNow’s Localization Business Plan Framework

By Jazzlyn Venkataya on 02/25/2021


The January Grow Global Chat starred Mariëtte Pepping, Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing Localization at ServiceNow! Mariëtte has worked 10+ years in digital marketing and is a strong localization automation advocate. Throughout her chat with Michael Meinhardt, CEO and founder of Cloudwords, Mariëtte explains 3 main tips she has learned from her experience around globalization automation. In case you missed this GGC, click HERE to watch the replay!

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Grow Global Chats: The Journey from Now to Next with Microsoft

By Jazzlyn Venkataya on 01/22/2021

Recently Michael Meinhardt, Cloudwords CEO and founder, and Ryan Schroeder, Senior Engineering Program Manager at Microsoft, sat down for a Grow Global Chat. Microsoft is the 2020 Cloudwords Global Scale Award winner, with Ryan and his team setting the tone for localizing vast quantities of content at high speeds. Ryan shared his experience with roadblocks, key solutions, and results from Microsoft's localization automation journey.

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Ready, Set, Localize - Top Takeaways from the Uberflip and Cloudwords Webinar

By Amanda Lee on 09/22/2020

Recently, Cloudwords CEO Michael Meinhardt and Uberflip Product Marketing Manager Rahim Lalani hosted a webinar to introduce the new Uberflip-Cloudwords integrated solution, which allows Uberflip users to seamlessly manage the localization process through the Cloudwords platform, before smoothly moving back to the Uberflip platform. 

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Globalization Automation Transforms Mouser Electronics

By Amanda Lee on 09/09/2020


Once again, we had a stellar Ask Michael Anything webinar with Cloudwords CEO Michael Meinhardt and the Globalization Expert, Aimee Smith of Mouser Electronics. Michael and Aimee chatted about the absolute need, benefits, and results of globalization automation in International Business.

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Be Brave. Be Authentic. Deliver Customer Value.

By Scott Schwalbach on 08/08/2018

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The Rise of Content Marketing Makes the Old School TMS Obsolete

By Cloudwords on 02/18/2016

It’s no surprise that content marketing as a process for both B2B and B2C marketers to produce and publish information to influence buyers, generate leads and increase sales has significantly grown as its own category of marketing. A key element to successful content marketing is high frequency digital content -- blogs, emails, landing pages, infographics, eBooks, and more, that is created and delivered regularly to keep content fresh and audiences engaged. And, of course, marketing automation software makes it all possible. However, the same technology that has made content marketing proliferation possible, has also made global content marketing go from hard to impossible.

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What Does Elvis Have to Do With Indian Language Translation?

By Cloudwords on 08/06/2015

When Mary Meeker recently released her annual Internet Trends Report, it set off a globalization craze. Armed with a treasure trove of data, marketing teams are now scrambling to expand their content, services and products into new markets.

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Going Global? Don’t Forget To Pack These 6 Essential Items!

By Cloudwords on 07/23/2015

Less than 25% of your potential market can read this sentence! Don’t let your content get lost in translation: go global. Marketing teams that expand content to markets across the world are able to seize more global opportunity and revenue for their companies. Those who don’t may be left in the dust. And that’s where translation automation platforms (TAP) come in.

Traditionally, translation and localization have been managed by using manual systems, and a network of vendors and internal staff. It takes valuable time and resources to complete, review and implement each piece of digital content, with no centralized way to track the workflow, cost or ROI.

Now, a TAP called Cloudwords streamlines the pursuit of a multilingual market with more conversions in less time and at a lower cost.

A global strategy is far more than the tools to implement it, however. If you are ready to take your company global, or expand into new markets, consider this checklist of six essential items:

  1. ___ Prioritized list of target markets: Which markets are most expected to contribute revenue? Which territories are up-and-coming? Continue monitoring potential markets to inform the next generation strategy.
  1. ___ Global editorial management: In order to fully leverage content effectively across the globe, audit your existing content to determine what is suitable for specific geographies. Research your markets to bring culturally and locally relevant content to each territory. And, back up the hypothesis with tracking and analytics.
  1. ___ Your road map: From content creation to localization to translation to review to deployment, map out your plan for each location. Translate language and content for each territory, and continue to monitor the market for any necessary changes due to localized trends or current events. Glocal is the most effective global.
  1. ___ A meeting time and place: With new hands on deck, plan ahead for longer lead times as new responsibilities and team structures are implemented. Your content needs to be translated into multiple languages and be applicable to the needs of different cultures, so plan lead times accordingly. Schedule regular – we recommend weekly – status meetings with the team to enable predictability and integration.
  1. ___ Use a globalization platform, aka TAP: To go global at scale, you need a TAP to make sure the lead times don’t get seriously long, potentially busting your budget and missing deadlines. Cloudwords is cloud-based and integrates with nearly all other marketing platforms (Marketo, Wordpress, Hubspot, etc.), as well as your preferred translation vendors, either in-house, freelance, or from Cloudwords' own translator marketplace. Within our platform, translation management is centralized and yet flexible to enable consistent brand communications at a local level. Robust reporting is also included.
  1. ___ Translation memory: Translation memory is your company’s approved library of all words and phrases ever translated. A cloud-based translation memory works across all your different translation agencies and allows for real-time updating and global access. This alone can save almost 20% of the time and effort associated with manual translation processes.

These six essentials will make a world of difference in your global marketing journey. They are a mix of strategy, execution and technology. With these items, your brand can go anywhere. We look forward to getting postcards from your favorite campaigns!

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Simplicity, Consistency, Integration and Speed to Market: The Fantastic Four of Translation Automation

By Cloudwords on 07/15/2015

Translating global marketing campaigns into business success is a matter of…translation. Despite technology bringing the world much closer together, the global market remains multi-lingual. To reach even 70% of the global market, your company needs to speak 12 separate languages. To reach 90% of the world’s potential customers, you need to be fluent in 21. Parlez-vous translation automation?

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