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Melinda Hansell’s Inside Scoop on F5’s Localization Transformation

By Jazzlyn Venkataya on 03/04/2021

Recently, Melinda Hansell, Director of Digital Marketing at F5, shared her insights and learnings from F5’s Localization Transformation Initiative. Melinda kicked off the Grow Global Chat webinar by diving straight into problems, solutions, and results around her experience with globalization automation.

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ServiceNow’s Localization Business Plan Framework

By Jazzlyn Venkataya on 02/25/2021


The January Grow Global Chat starred Mariëtte Pepping, Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing Localization at ServiceNow! Mariëtte has worked 10+ years in digital marketing and is a strong localization automation advocate. Throughout her chat with Michael Meinhardt, CEO and founder of Cloudwords, Mariëtte explains 3 main tips she has learned from her experience around globalization automation. In case you missed this GGC, click HERE to watch the replay!

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Grow Global Chats: The Journey from Now to Next with Microsoft

By Jazzlyn Venkataya on 01/22/2021

Recently Michael Meinhardt, Cloudwords CEO and founder, and Ryan Schroeder, Senior Engineering Program Manager at Microsoft, sat down for a Grow Global Chat. Microsoft is the 2020 Cloudwords Global Scale Award winner, with Ryan and his team setting the tone for localizing vast quantities of content at high speeds. Ryan shared his experience with roadblocks, key solutions, and results from Microsoft's localization automation journey.

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Grow Global Awards Recap

By Jazzlyn Venkataya on 09/24/2020

Yes it is time to Celebrate! The Grow Global Awards brought together the top companies in the world who are rocking the international market. Grow Global showcased how powerful the globalization automation community is and all that our Cloudwords customers are achieving.

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