New eBook: 5 Truths of Content Globalization

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Shift your thinking.
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While we would like to think that a cloud-based, integrated workflow solution is all anyone needs to go global, we know it’s much more nuanced than that, not to mention more complicated. That's why we created our latest eBook 5 Truths of Content Globalization.
What a translation automation platform like Cloudwords really does is help companies change their thinking: the ease, transparency, and reduced costs serve to highlight long-held beliefs about manual processes, political (vs.commercial) silos, and broadcast vs. dialogue-based communications with prospects and clients.
Suddenly, the artisanal nature of content translation, distribution and measurement can be automated. The walls between functions can become more porous. You can truly meet clients where they are -- both in platform and language. And, rather than presenting these as a wish list for next year’s budget, they're seen as a source of smart revenue generation.

Check out the 5 Truths of Content Globalization today, and find out why we say:

  • It’s not an art form, but a business process.
  • The more content you create, the more it gets hidden.
  • There are too many typewriters.
  • Walking through walls hurts.
  • People think more of you when you think more about them.


Written by Cloudwords